Grace & Knowledge Bible College of New Hampshire & New England

Launch Date Video Announcement

Year One -- Certificate of Ministry
  • Hermeneutics

  • O.T. Survey I

  • O.T. Survey II

  • N.T. Survey I

  • N.T. Survey II

  • Christian Apologetics I

  • Christian Apologetics II

  • Personal Evangelism

  • Spiritual Gifts & Leadership

  • Spiritual Disciplines of Leadership

Year Two -- Associate of Ministry Degree
  • Healthy Leadership Principles

  • Homiletics

  • An In-Depth Study of Acts

  • Christian Beliefs

  • Ministering in Power

  • Disciple Making

  • Pentecostal/Revival History

  • Principles from God's Authority

  • Hosting the Presence

  • Do the Book - What did Jesus say to do?

Contact us for information about:

Bachelor of Ministry/Theology Degree 
Master's in Practical Ministry/Theology

30 Credit Hours per year required

Life Changing & Flexible Options

3 Ways to Study

Traditional Classroom Learning @ our Ministry Center

Distance Learning from where you live & minister

Week-long Intensives @ our Ministry Center

Our program is registered under "Religious Schools" with the post-secondary department of education in Sacramento, California. We are empowered to grant degrees in the field of Theology and Christian Ministry.

We are affiliated with the IPHC and Advantage College.

2016 Redeeming Grace Ministries

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