What Are We Asking From You?

There are three main ways that you can support the work of Redeeming Grace Ministries.

First, we need prayer support. Psalm 127:1 declares that, "unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain." (ESV). Well, we don't want to labor in vain, so we ask for your partnership with us in prayer. Our prayer partners can expect to receive regular e-newsletters or up-to-date prayer needs of the ministry, as well as our bi-monthly ministry newsletter.

The second way you can support us is through your financial gifts to the ministry. Our financial partners can designate their giving to special ministries or projects or may leave the use of their gifts up to the discretion of our administration. Financial partners can expect to receive regular email updates about the ministry and our needs as well as the bi-monthly newsletter that will be going out to all partners. You can also expect regular updates about the progress of the Farm, the reach of the retreat and training center and a free annual stay with us at the retreat center.

Our third area of need for partnership is in the form of short-term mission teams or individuals to come for a day, a week-end or mid-week or even a one to two week stay. Projects at the Farm are to help us with up-keep of the property and development and growth of the retreat and training center. If you feel led to lead a group or to participate individually, we have short-term mission brochures available that outline the specific needs, opportunities and costs to participate.


If you are willing to be a support partner of Redeeming Grace Ministries please click on the link provided here.                                                                                      

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